Flexible finance options are essential to the prosperity and growth of businesses in every sector. Traditional sources of funding can be slow, expensive and obstructive. At Stellar Capital we specialise in creative, effective ways of realising the value in your assets with our extensive portfolio of invoice financing solutions. Invoices and receivables, plant and machinery, inventory and stock – these are all assets which can be leveraged to fund project development and expansion. Here are some of the options that could transform your business.


Once you’ve raised an invoice an invoice factoring firm pays you a percentage of the invoice value and takes over the credit control and ledger management for an agreed fee. Once they have collected the full amount, you’ll receive the balance. We also offer bad debt protection which insulates you from the effects of default of customer insolvency. You’ll have access to funds within 24 hours and can adjust the level of funding as and when necessary.

Invoice Discounting

This form of commercial finance has much in common with factoring but with a few significant differences. The invoice discounting firm provides you with funding against the value of your invoices, but the credit control function remains with you. All the other advantages of speed and flexibility remain but this option is particularly suitable if you have persuasive reasons – confidentiality concerns or commercial reputation perhaps – to keep the management process inhouse.

Export Finance

An international variant on invoice discounting and factoring, an export finance service is designed for clients who trade with overseas customers, whether as a regular part of their business or as an occasional practice. Export orders can be extremely lucrative and our specialist partner firms can help remove the attendant risk by advancing a significant proportion of the invoice value and then seeking payment on your behalf. Aside from the core benefit of swift access to cash, you can also avoid direct involvement in a process that can entail different payment terms, languages, currencies and time zones.

Trade Finance and Purchase Financing

Sometimes it is imperative that your business is able to buy goods from suppliers at home or abroad who do not offer credit terms and demand payment upon shipping but this kind of immediate funding can be difficult to source. Stellar Capital’s commercial finance partners represent a very effective method of meeting this need by allowing you to order and receive goods for which they can make the payment on your behalf. It also means you can take advantage of any early settlement discounts. This flexibility enables you to combine trade finance with invoice finance to fund important purchases by releasing the cash value of your receivables.

Asset Finance

When your business needs new plant or machinery the investment required can be excessive. Asset finance gives you the capacity to buy, rent or refinance all kinds of significant assets without the usual up-front costs. Our specialist partners can buy the equipment and supply it to you under a fixed term lease which can be extended by mutual agreement or they can act as a hire purchase agent, funding the purchase which you then repay in instalments. Refinancing allows you to consolidate all of your asset finance arrangements into a package that suits your cashflow requirements.

Foreign Exchange

International trade involves multiple transactions across different currencies that add inconsistencies and extra costs to the process while individual bank clearing times can cause serious delays. Our commercial finance partner solutions cut through all of that. You simply raise your invoice and our partners advance you an agreed percentage of its value, usually within 24 hours. You specify the currency exchange you require and the partner or partners agree an exchange rate based on today’s price. The effect is that you are locked into that rate making it simple to schedule payments on that basis and guard against currency fluctuations.

Construction Finance

The construction industry relies heavily on chains of specialist sub-contractors and is notorious for late payment. The consequences of this can be crippling for any business in that chain so we have developed relationships with the providers of specialist construction finance products which apply the principles of invoice finance to release funds against your invoices, which are then dealt with by their confidential credit control service. This quick, efficient release of cash helps protect your level of working capital and gives you the resources to pursue new contracts before your previous customer has paid.

Stock Finance

Tangible assets are another efficient source of funding, with money made available to you based on the independently assessed value of your stock and inventory. This adjunct to an invoice finance facility allows you to retain ownership while releasing working capital.