Give yourself the ultimate funding facility: an unsecured loan with flexible terms adjustable as circumstances change. The money you need, with borrowing that’s under your control.


    Here’s what you get

    Funding for short- and medium-term expenses
    Flexible draw down and repayment arrangements
    Variable loan amounts
    Payment holidays
    Early repayment without penalties
    Fully extendable loan facility

    Suitable if you

    1. Your income stream fluctuates
    2. You have one-off exceptional expenses
    3. Customers are exceeding your credit terms
    4. You trade as a wholesaler or retailer
    5. You are negotiating with new suppliers
    6. Negative cash flow impacts your profitability




    A flex loan is a credit agreement between a business and a lender where neither the repayment terms nor the amount borrowed are fixed in stone. The contract itself will specify any limits on this flexibility it gives businesses the freedom to vary the amounts and frequency of repayments.



    A flex loan is unsecured which means that your business assets are not at risk, access is immediate and is not tied to a specific purpose. The flexible repayment restructure relieves the constant pressures of a conventional loan.

    Limited Commitment

    As a loan is specifically designed to provide short-term funding, any exceptional costs will be limited and manageable. It represents the most cost-effective way of raising finance in a hurry when long-term budgeting is not sufficient.





    We will discuss your business objectives, your long-term focus and your short-term requirements and we will use our expertise and extensive contacts to find and arrange the perfect flex loan for your needs negotiated on the very best terms available.

    Finance Partners

    We will connect you with partners from amongst our extensive international network of lenders and investors, which includes many of the most trusted and forward-looking financial institutions.

    Agree Terms

    By its nature, a flex loan can be whatever the parties to it require. Loan amounts, repayment schedules, interest rates, payment holidays and the length of the agreement are all negotiable.

    Extend Agreement

    If the circumstances for which the loan was taken out should persist for longer than envisaged there is the option to draw down more funds within the parameters of the original agreement, obviating the need to seek an additional loan.


    1. Ideal for boosting short-term cashflow
    2. Flexible draw downs and repayments
    3. Extendable by mutual consent
    4. No-risk unsecured lending
    5. Fund one-off and exceptional projects



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