If you need funding for a new adventure then take advantage of third party asset backing and our other innovative alternatives to traditional secured loans.


    Here’s What You Get

    Access to multiple funding sources
    Commercial borrowing
    Asset-backed loans
    Private direct investment
    Secured third-party asset backing
    Licensing and certification service

    Suitable if You

    1. Are planning a new commercial project
    2. Need additional support for existing projects
    3. Require flexible funding options
    4. Can offer security for loans
    5. Need alternatives to collateral-based solutions
    6. Find that contingency planning is crucial


    Asset Backing

    Many funding providers are reluctant to invest directly in the projects themselves, preferring to provide loans or investment secured against collateral or assets. We structure any tangible project to meet the criteria of an asset-backed loan.

    Third-Party Assets

    If you do not have assets against which a lender or investor is happy to secure their loan or investment then we can secure third party asset backing, reaching a financial agreement with a third party to put up the collateral on your behalf.

    Multiple Sources

    We have access to a consortium of banks and financial institutions with whom we can arrange third-party collateral. We structure asset backing into the funding package and then help you approach lenders with a financially sound, proposition.



    Bank accounts and purely financial vehicles are currently unpopular with the majority of investors and lending institutions. Tangible commercial projects are back in favour and attracting investment. We will help you tailor your plans accordingly

    Funding Partners

    We will present your detailed investment proposition to lenders and investors carefully chosen from our bank of financial partners for their compatibility with your objectives and requirements.

    Delegated Service

    Part of our job is to make the process quick, simple and effective for our clients. We take care of all the detail that goes into the preparation of these funding solutions and present you with the perfect finished product.

    Built-in Flexibility

    Our service gives you the option of commercial loans, private direct investment, a mixture of both or the flexibility to switch between the two as the project progresses. All of this can be achieved with contingency planning within the investment and loan package


    1. Investment for discrete development projects
    2. Choice of lending options
    3. Freedom to switch and combine funding methods
    4. Fully delegated negotiation
    5. Retain operational and strategic control



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