Don’t let the expensive of research and development hold you back – we can show you how to recover substantial costs through this unique tax credit provision.


    Here’s What You Get

    1 Up to 33% tax credit on R&D costs
    Corporation tax deduction or cash credit
    The higher the spend the higher the credit
    Benefits for loss-making SMEs
    Available to start-ups
    Applicable to new and existing processes

    Suitable if You

    1. Are planning new or expanded R&D
    2. Engage consultants and other specialists
    3. Allocate existing staff to R&D
    4. Run an SME with fewer than 500 employees
    5. Employ over 500 staff
    6. Have an R&D project which is innovative and uncertain


    Schemes for Small, Medium and Large

    There are provisions for companies of all sizes. The scheme for SME companies enables them to claim back up to 33% of their R&D costs. RDEC applies to large organisations and provides up to 13% funding of development spend.

    Facilitates Innovation

    The cost of Research and Development can be prohibitive, but with this generous tax credits scheme, businesses of all sizes in any sector who meet the eligibility criteria can pursue R&D with significantly reduced financial risk.

    Profitability Not Essential

    Profitable companies can claim back up to 24.7% of their research spend. A break-even business can claim 18.85%. A loss-making SME can claim up to 33% of expenditure. RDEC Large Organisation (over 500 employees) relief is fixed at 13%.




    Completing an R&D Tax Credits claim correctly and maximising the benefit is a complex task. Increasing tax relief fraud is causing HMRC to be more vigilant in assessing claims. Stellar Capital can help you assemble and submit your application.

    Requirement of Uncertainty

    The work must be intended to overcome the uncertainty of a proposed scientific or technological product or process. The outcome of the research must be uncertain as to whether it will be successful or not. If it is a foregone conclusion, then it will not be classed as R&D.

    Qualified Personnel

    The Research and Development must be conducted by professionals such as scientists, engineers or other staff with specific skills to demonstrate that the project requires specialised expertise and its attendant costs.


    Depending on the agreement, either you or the partner collect the invoiced amount, the agreed fee is retained by the partner and the balance paid to you.


    1. Open to companies of all sizes
    2. Making a loss is not an automatic bar
    3. Up to 33% credit for SMEs
    4. 13% credit for large companies
    5. R&D results need not be successful to qualify



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