We devise strategies to meet specific challenges and long-term objectives, with risk assessments, audits, flexible funding sources and versatile financial planning.


    Here’s What You Get

    Access to flexible funding options
    Strategic interaction with the financial markets
    Cost-effective short-term funding
    Long-term financial stability
    Comprehensive risk assessment
    Evaluation of your Target Capital Raise

    Suitable if You

    1. Wish to optimise your current resources
    2. Are planning new, discrete projects
    3. Require financial sustainability assessment
    4. Need to raise project capital
    5. Would benefit from an operational audit
    6. Are considering a share issue


    Consistent Finance

    Our funding management strategies are designed to give short-term solutions to specific challenges as well as ensuring long-term financial stability throughout the economic cycle through interaction with changing financial markets.

    Financial Risk Assessment

    A Risk Profile Assessment (RPA) allows us to apply stress testing and other financial management procedures to give you a clear understanding as to the current capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of your business in order to address shortcomings.

    Profitability Not Essential

    We will assess your Target Capital Raise (the issuance of shares or other equity securities) in order to identify the true valuation and sustainability level of any given project.


    Initial Consultation

    In order to provide the ideal long-term plan for managing the funding of your business, we will examine your current resources and assets, analyse your past growth curve and assess the feasibility of forecasts and project planning.

    Financial Risk Assessment

    We will perform a Risk Profile Assessment (RPA) to examine your current funding management policy and practice. This will help determine its strengths and weaknesses measured against competitors and comparable organisations.

    Recommend Enhancements

    The average business has a relatively low funding management maturity, thereby under-performing in the raising of project capital. One function of our RPA is to demonstrate the areas in which your operations can be improved to maximise value and profits

    Ongoing Monitoring

    Efficient funding management is essential for the economic well-being and long-term profitability of any company. Stellar Capital will be your long-term partner to ensure the maintenance of a healthy, proactive and versatile funding policy.


    1. Short-term access to funds
    2. Long-term financial stability
    3. Flexible funding partnerships
    4. Increased efficiencies
    5. Facilitation of existing operations and new projects



      Invoice financing is an extremely efficient method of optimising the value of your receivables but it is not the only one open to you.

      Corporate Planning

      Corporate planning is vital to the philosophy and policy of every business, because it enables you to create a formal document to govern and monitor your finances and liabilities, identify and exploit opportunities and maintain the most effective internal systems.

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      Project Funding

      We provide a fully flexible service with a choice of commercial loans and private direct investment. Use them separately or in combination with the option to switch between different measures. Borrow against collateral or using third party asset backing.

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      Flex Loan

      When you take out a flex loan, you give your company access to funding for urgent operational costs and short-term cash flow solutions with highly flexible provisions regarding both draw-downs and repayments. Early settlement and repayment holidays are available.

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      Stellar capital is equipped to demonstrate the areas in which your operations can be improved to maximise value and profits.

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