Join the many companies who are looking to progressive, alternative finance providers to fund their growth strategies and long-term expansion plans.


    Here’s what you get

    Extensive finance options
    Leverage physical assets
    Liquidity from intangible assets
    Cash flow solutions
    Efficiencies and cost savings
    Instant access to funds

    Suitable if you

    1. Have a variable income stream
    2. Offer generous credit terms
    3. Face exceptional expenses
    4. Experience negative impact on cash flow
    5. Need to trade with new suppliers
    6. Are bidding for new contracts



    No-Risk Advances

    Because many of our commercial finance solutions leverage the value locked into your receivables and other intangible assets, there is no requirement for independent collateral. You borrow against a definable quantity.

    Instant Funding

    Often in business, you need to move quickly to secure contracts and access goods and suppliers. Commercial finance removes the delays in the process of conventional borrowing so you can act in time to beat your competitors

    Use Your Assets

    With commercial finance measures, you can realise the cash tied up in your operational assets and borrow against the independently assessed value of your stock and inventory. Don’t just own your assets, monetise them.




    Invoice Finance

    Invoice discounting and factoring are two ways of turning your invoices owing into valuable assets. When you sell or assign their value to our finance partners, you can receive up to 90% of the total amount due within 24 hours.

    Asset Finance

    Asset finance enables you to buy, rent or refinance significant assets without the usual up-front costs. Our specialist partners can buy the equipment and supply it to you under a fixed term lease or as hire purchase agents. Refinancing consolidates your asset finance arrangements into one package.

    Trade Finance

    When you need to buy goods from suppliers at home or abroad without credit terms, immediate funding can be difficult to source. Stellar Capital’s commercial finance partners enable you to receive goods and benefit from early settlement discounts.

    Export Finance

    Cross-border trade can be slowed down by the clearing banks but our partners will advance you against your invoices an agreed percentage of their value. You specify the currency exchange you require and agree an exchange rate based on today’s price.


    1. Perfect corrective to short-term cashflow problems
    2. Benefit from otherwise inaccessible value
    3. Borrow against tangible and intangible assets
    4. Range of unsecured loans
    5. Fund new contract bids and other immediate expenses
    6. Facilitate international trading



      Logistics Finance

      Logistics finance addresses the funding challenges of all parties in the logistics chain to ensure that the pressures of supply and demand are consistently met. Benefit from the use of finance and operating leases, dynamic discounting and other options.

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      Construction Finance

      We work with providers of specialist construction finance products using the principles of invoice finance to release funds against your invoices, which are then dealt with by their confidential credit control service. Protect your working capital and pursue new contracts.

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      Stock Finance

      Tangible assets are an efficient source of funding, with money made available to you based on the independently assessed value of your stock and inventory. This adjunct to an invoice finance facility allows you to retain ownership while releasing working capital.

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