We have access to innovative, non-traditional sources of fast, affordable finance to help businesses maintain performance and pursue growth.


    Here’s what you get

    Quick decisions
    Efficient cashflow to facilitate new and existing contracts
    A dedicated team with years of experience in construction finance
    Comprehensive advisory service
    Elimination of late payments
    Optional asset finance to help obtain plant and machinery

    Suitable if you

    1. Suffer from the unique cash flow problems of construction
    2. Need access to funds with 24 hours
    3. Are considering bad debt protection
    4. Require funding for new contracts
    5. Consider confidential credit control essential
    6. Are looking for streamlined administration and management



    Flexible Funding

    A healthy construction industry requires sound funding options but many traditional investors and lenders are steering clear. Our construction finance scheme improves the cashflow of otherwise competitive and healthy businesses.

    Realise Your Receivables

    You have invested money in providing a contracted service but once you have made your application for payment, it is customary to wait for several weeks before receiving payment. Our partners will pay you a percentage of your invoices and applications for payment and they will even pay out on uncertified applications.

    No Extra Borrowing Costs

    Rather than seeking interim additional funding which brings its own costs, our construction finance product allows you to realise the value of what you’re owed immediately without the cost of arranging separate borrowing.




    An Understanding Partner

    Stellar Capital’s financing solutions are a perfect fit for the particular challenges and complexities of the construction industry. Unlike traditional institutions, we understand instinctively that construction is a special case and needs to be treated accordingly.

    Growth and Performance

    Productivity and profitability are the foundations of a successful business, but cashflow drives performance and growth. In order to service existing contracts and win new ones, you need cash to be available, not tied up in receivables. Our package provides you with upfront investment and the means of paying daily running costs.

    Fast Access

    Our financial partners understand the risk of delay so they will make funds available to you within 24 hours of your submission to them of your invoices.

    Ongoing Advice

    At Stellar Capital we value our partners and clients so we offer ongoing access to guidance, advice and support.


    1. Ask Stellar Capital to make a financing arrangement with a recommended partner
    2. Provide your contracted service and invoice the client
    3. Submit the invoice to our financial partner
    4. Our partner will pay you an agreed percentage of the invoice value
    5. The remainder of the debt is collected by you or by our partner



      Hotel Finance

      As independent brokers, Stellar Capital can help to arrange finance with lenders who are not high street names but have a successful history of supporting the hotel industry. These are generally not banks but pension funds, insurance companies and other specialist lenders who are looking for strong returns on sound investments and understand the particular pressures and requirements of the hotel industry.

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      Project Funding

      We have access to a consortium of banks and financial institutions in partnership with whom we can arrange third-party collateral, structure asset backing into the funding package and then help you approach lenders and investors with a financially sound, attractive proposition. If you are reluctant to part with shares, we can structure any private investment as a loan.

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      Trade Finance and Purchase Financing

      Stellar Capital’s commercial finance partners enable you to order and receive goods for which they can make the payment on your behalf. It also means you can take advantage of any early settlement discounts. This flexibility enables you to combine trade finance with invoice finance to fund important purchases by releasing the cash value of your receivables.

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      Stellar capital is equipped to demonstrate the areas in which your operations can be improved to maximise value and profits.

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