Our specialist financial partners include pension funds and insurance companies with many years of experience investing successfully in the hotel industry.


    Here’s what you get

    Specialist sources of finance

    Multi-party funding consortia

    Funding for construction, acquisition, and development

    Refinancing and bridging options available

    Long-term financial support

    Industry-specific expertise

    Suitable if you

    1. Are a hotel operator
    2. Intend to enter the hotel hospitality sector
    3. Have plans for hotel construction
    4. Cannot secure project funding
    5. Deal only with conventional brokers
    6. Are interested in specialist expertise



    Specialist Knowledge

    At Stellar Capital, we have access to a network of funding partners with extensive experience in hotel finance which means we can help you take your first steps into this industry or, if you are already involved, facilitate your expansion plans.

    Non-Traditional Funding

    Stellar Capital can help to arrange finance with lenders who are not high street names but have a successful history of supporting the hotel industry. These are generally not banks but pension funds, insurance companies and other specialist lenders.

    Tailored to Your Needs

    We take all the time we need to learn about your company, your systems, your plans and the specific project on the table. Once we’ve identified your needs, we can shortlist the most likely lenders and open negotiations on the essential indicative terms.




    Consult Stellar

    If you are seeking funding for a major hotel development or acquisition project, you probably won’t have much luck with conventional lenders, so why not save yourself the time and trouble and start with the specialists instead?

    A Qualified Partner

    At Stellar Capital, we understand the hotel business and how to structure deals for the benefit of all parties. We cover all areas of hotel finance including acquisition, development, refinancing and bridging.

    Finding Finance

    Stellar Capital will arrange funding solutions through specialist lenders who are looking for strong returns on sound investments and understand the particular pressures and requirements of the hotel industry.

    Sealing the Deal

    Once we’ve agreed on the best option, we negotiate the loan structure, pricing, covenants, timescales and documentary requirements. We will then carry the process through to completion, liaising with interested third parties including trustees, solicitors, estate agents and accountants.


    1. Present your project plans to Stellar Capital
    2. Discuss the most appropriate funding option
    3. Finalise terms with your lenders
    4. Receive funding and implement the project
    5. Enjoy ongoing advice



      Project Funding

      Our service gives you the option of commercial loans, private direct investment, a mixture of both or the flexibility to switch between the two as the project progresses. All of this can be achieved with contingency planning within the investment and loan package.

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      Construction Finance

      Stellar Capital’s partners bring you the certainty and stability you need by giving you immediate access to the considerable funds tied up in your receivables. Our partners will pay you a percentage of your invoices and applications for payment within 24 hours of your submitting them.

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      Flex Loan

      This is a loan finance facility with flexible provisions for both repayments and draw downs. It is designed to give businesses access to sums of money which will generally be used to meet more modest needs than those covered by long-term capital investment.

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      Stellar capital is equipped to demonstrate the areas in which your operations can be improved to maximise value and profits.

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