Our global financial partners and foreign exchange brokers can protect you from the risks of exchange rate fluctuations in major property investment schemes.


    Here’s what you get

    Protection from losses on major FX capital investment

    Harmonisation of floating currencies

    Contracts underwritten by banks or your financial provider

    Expertise in currency hedging

    Freedom to focus on logistics and admin

    Ongoing expert financial advice


    Suitable if you

    1. Are considering imminent investment in property abroad
    2. Intend to purchase at an unspecified time in the future
    3. Currently have no guarantee of exchange rates
    4. Need a means to fix the contracted purchase price
    5. Wish to simplify the process of property purchase
    6. Customarily trade largely or wholly in Sterling



    Avoid FX Losses

    If you’re buying a property in a Eurozone country for £250,000 and you paid the deposit when the exchange rate was 1.25 to the pound. The purchase price in sterling is £200,000. If the Euro strengthens to 1.10 to the pound it would change the purchase price to over £227,000, a 13.5% increase and an extra £27,000.

    Save Thousands

    Currency hedging can save you thousands. The most widely used method is the forward contract, an agreement between the parties to fix the exchange rate at its current rate or at an agreed rate for the entire length of the transaction process.

    Fully Underwritten

    The contract is underwritten by a bank or other financial services provider so that they assume the risk of any loss as well as the benefit of any gain should the currency move in the opposite direction.




    Take Advice

    Stellar Capital will analyse your plans, advise on the most appropriate FX protections and connect you with one of our experienced financial partners.

    Consider the Options

    Before you enter into any length of forward contract, our partners will shop around for the best rate currently available and base the contract on that. The spot rates offered by high street banks are rarely as favourable as those provided by foreign exchange brokers.

    Hedging Solutions

    Whatever happens in the currency market, the effect of this FX hedging is to remove your purchase from that market and freeze it so that the amount you pay in your home currency cannot change.

    Future Purchase

    You can use this method even if your purchase is not imminent – if you plan to purchase in the future, it’s still possible to arrange a forward contract that will fix rates for a couple of years in advance.


    1. Confirm your property purchase objectives
    2. Draw up your ideal timescale
    3. Talk to Stellar Capital and our financial partners
    4. Adopt a hedging strategy
    5. Purchase at the protected fixed exchange rate



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      Foreign Exchange Risk Management

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