Let us help you navigate the volatile but rewarding world of foreign exchange trading and put your wealth to work.


    Here’s what you get

    A personal service
    Access to alternative asset investment
    Philanthropic opportunities
    High value foreign exchange trading
    Expert foreign exchange hedging
    On demand financial advice

    Suitable if you

    1. Your wealth exceeds $1 million
    2. You have investable assets potentially worth billions
    3. You wish to avoid the equity and bonds markets
    4. Alternative asset classes such as art and real estate appeal to you
    5. You want to do more with your money than make profits
    6. You are looking for the finest international investment advice



    Alternative Asset Classes

    While traditional assets tend to be investments such as stocks, bonds and cash, alternative assets can be highly attractive. They include commodities, real estate, private equity, distressed securities, art and foreign currencies.

    Two Types of Hedging

    A perfect hedge eliminates risk by taking both a long and a short position simultaneously on two currencies in a pair. The second approach is to create an imperfect hedge by buying put options if a trader is long or call options if they are short.

    Experienced Specialists

    Our partners are experienced in managing investments in all the traditional vehicles as well as alternative classes so the service they offer caters for every preference and all appetites from low to high risk.




    Talk to Us

    We will connect you with financial partners who have a solid understanding of the currency market and can offer a choice of 140 currencies together with the ability to control payments to over 150 countries.

    Rely on the Experts

    Foreign exchange hedging is a specialised skill in which high net worth individuals are unlikely to have much experience. Having made their fortunes running highly successful businesses, they understand the art of delegation.

    Leverage Your Wealth

    We are all familiar with the volatility of currencies but most of us are not in a position to trade in them to any meaningful degree. High net worth individuals can take advantage because they can move investments around far more easily than institutional investors.

    Ensure Transparency

    Our partners handle the assets of high net worth individuals all over the world. They ensure full transparency with extremely competitive fees. Advanced technology means that global communication and reporting is instantaneous.


    1. Invest in assets that matter to you
    2. Make a difference with your money
    3. A dedicated personal service
    4. Expert hedging strategies
    5. Effective management of higher risk investments
    6. Access to the widest classes of asset



      Foreign Exchange Risk Management

      Our service is a series of flexible strategies designed to track currency market conditions and keep your business in the healthiest position, avoiding or minimising the damage and loss that exchange rates can cause.

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      Foreign Exchange for Foreign Property Purchases

      Buying property abroad puts you at the mercy of fluctuations in currency exchange rates. The price agreed at the point of offer acceptance can be seriously affected in real terms by rate changes before completion. Our hedging services mitigate these effects.

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      R & D Tax Credits

      UK businesses can access either a corporation tax deduction or cash credit to cover up to 33% of the cost incurred in research and development. The scheme has provided £33 billion in funding over 20 years. Every year 60,000 UK companies are granted more than £5 billion in government-funded R&D Tax credits.

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