Enjoy the benefits of innovative measures to guard against the uncertainty of the international currency market and preserve the value of your contracts.


    Here’s what you get

    The potential to reach a global market
    Diversification away from the limitations of domestic commerce
    The benefits of international trade agreements
    Access to stable exchange rates
    Margins protected against currency fluctuations
    Enhanced cash flow planning

    Suitable if you

    1. Run a business selling goods, materials or services to overseas customers
    2. Regularly buy goods, materials or services from overseas suppliers
    3. Offer credit terms to your overseas customers
    4. Operate a financial system designed for transacting in sterling
    5. Trade in a sector dominated by a foreign currency such as the US Dollar
    6. Believe you are not getting the best exchange rates available



    Faster Payments

    Cross border transactions have been traditionally slow with the bureaucratic requirements of foreign exchange acting as a drag in quick, efficient trading. Spot conversion facilities allow parties to agree on a fixed rate of exchange, eliminating the uncertainty of second-by-second fluctuations and enabling accurate budgeting.

    Improved Profit Margins

    The effect on your margins can be considerable. By getting you the best rates on the market, with no transaction fees or deposits, we eliminate an entire level of waste and divert the savings directly to your bottom line.

    Risk Management

    Our partners can lock in forward contracts at a fixed rate that will then apply to future trading with no movement of funds until the exchange takes place. They will also manage all your other currency exchange needs, such as payments to suppliers and staff as well as the cost-efficient receipt of money from overseas.




    Market Analysis

    Identify the property, goods or services you wish to buy and start to gather daily exchange rate updates. Currencies can move by up to 30% in weeks.

    Apply for our foreign exchange service

    Stellar Capital works with finance partners who can provide you with spot conversion facilities, overseas invoice finance options and the best exchange rates in the market.

    Agree Terms

    Make use of Stellar Capital’s knowledge and expertise to agree terms with the seller of property or goods in the overseas territory and fix the exchange rate for the transaction.


    Complete on your purchase at the fixed rate, with no hidden costs or fees and no last minute currency surprises.


    1. Identify your investment opportunities and procurement needs
    2. Talk to Stellar Capital about the best foreign exchange solution
    3. Apply to our recommended finance partner
    4. In collaboration with our partner and the vendor agree a currency conversion spot rate
    5. Transfer funds in the nominated foreign currency and take ownership



      Export Finance

      You invoice your overseas customer on terms agreed but without the need to rely on those terms, which may already have a built-in credit period in addition to the normal delays of international commerce. Instead, you notify our partner of the invoice amount and they advance you an agreed proportion of the value, giving you instant access to operational funding.

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      Foreign Currency Risk Management

      Exchange rates change by the second. In the course of an ordinary day, this might not be significant, but even a few percentage points in either direction can multiply into a loss or a gain. Stellar Capital works with partners who will analyse the extent of your risk, devise strategies to manage that risk and thereby limit your exposure, save you money and maintain the confidence of foreign investors.

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      Funding Management

      Our consultants will perform a Risk Profile Assessment (RPA) which will examine the current funding management policy and practice of your business. This will enable you to understand where and how costs can be saved while capabilities are increased. The RPA will also assess your Target Capital Raise (the issuance of shares or other equity securities) to identify the true valuation and sustainability level of any given project.

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      Stellar capital is equipped to demonstrate the areas in which your operations can be improved to maximise value and profits.

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