Eliminate delays in receiving cross-border payments with instant access to cash advances from our experienced finance e providers.


    Here’s what you get

    Funding in territories closed to competitors
    Secure foreign exchange rates
    Instant access to the value of your invoices
    Outsourced administration
    Stabilised margins and cashflow
    Expert advice on foreign jurisdictions

    Suitable if you

    1. Some or all of your customers are based overseas
    2. They are located in several different countries
    3. You accept payments in foreign currencies
    4. Payments from overseas customers are often slow
    5. You are concerned about the debt risks of some overseas customers
    6. Regulation and bureaucracy impedes your export of goods



    Faster Decisions

    Traditional banks are slow when it comes to export finance. The onboarding process and due diligence they are obliged to conduct can take months, thereby defeating the object of a swift, flexible response to market requirements. Stellar Capital’s partners take a different approach.

    Release Cash

    Export finance applies the well-established concept of invoice financing to export markets. You invoice your overseas customer on terms agreed but you no longer have to rely on them meeting those terms, as our partners will advance you cash immediately.

    Comprehensive Service

    With a few documented exceptions, our partners can provide funding and support wherever your customers may be but their service isn’t limited to funding; they can help with every stage of the complex administration process.





    We connect you with a dedicated team of experienced professionals who know their way around every aspect of export finance, overseas trading, international shipping terms, foreign jurisdictions.

    International Reach

    Selling goods and services abroad is entirely different from trading within the domestic market. Trading at arm’s length from the UK without human resources on the ground means you could always be at a disadvantage. Working with an experienced partner can turn these challenges into a golden opportunity.

    Finance Partners

    You notify our partner of the invoice amount and they advance you an agreed proportion of the value, giving you instant access to operational funding. We will guide you through every step of the process with the ultimate aim of ensuring the best possible cashflow outcome to keep your business moving forward.

    Ongoing Admin Support

    You can improve communications with your export customers by eliminating the difficulties of time zones, language barriers and divergent legal systems. The administration service can be kept completely confidential and you can elect to carry out your own credit control or delegate this function to our partners.


    1. Guarantee your cashflow
    2. Access funds from receivables in 24 hours
    3. Outsource some or all of your administration
    4. Automatic legislative compliance
    5. Simplified debt collection
    6. Fully bespoke service



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