Fund your logistics operations with a range of finance solutions thatprevents interruption and keeps the supply chain moving.


    Here’s what you get

    End-to-end supply chain facilitation

    Procurement, storage and transport solutions

    Cost-effective hire purchase agreements

    Flexible finance leases

    Specialised invoice financing

    Leverage the value of invoices and orders

    Suitable if you

    1. Rely upon on logistics agility
    2. Are part of an extended supply chain
    3. Need instant access to unsecured loans
    4. Manage warehousing or transport
    5. Experience temporary cashflow problems which inhibit your trading
    6. Offer credit terms which have created a logjam


    Smooth Operations

    Effective logistics management ensures that at every point of the chain, however complex and regardless of the number of parties involved, the right resources are in the right place at the right time.


    Logistics finance plans for ideal conditions but builds in safeguards to anticipate and minimise negative pressures. Poor logistics management can have serious consequences for the profitability of a business and can wipe out fragile margins.

    Diverse Funding Options

    All the tools of commercial finance are available either separately or in any combination that suits your trading conditions, from invoice discounting and factoring to borrowing against tangible assets and dynamic discounting.



    Problems and Solutions

    Talk to the logistics finance experts at Stellar Capital to learn about the wide range of funding options available to viable businesses in a dynamic and innovative new environment for commercial finance.


    We will introduce you to our finance specialist partners who will draw up solutions specific to your business requirements, both in the immediate term and over the longer term.

    Simple Agreements

    All the arrangements offered by our partners are low-risk, low-cost and entirely transparent. In addition they offer you maximum flexibility of repayment options and timescales.


    You have the option to outsource significant administrative functions such as credit control, which as an inhouse cost can be expensive but when sub-contracted to a third party becomes a significantly more manageable expense.


    1. Ideal solutions to cash flow problems
    2. Keeps the supply chain moving efficiently
    3. Gives you flexibility and control over your funding
    4. Offers outsourcing opportunities
    5. Much faster than traditional lending routes
    6. Supports businesses at every point of the supply chain



      Manufacturing Finance

      Alternative finance providers offer a range of solutions to the problems of smaller manufacturing enterprises. Many of these are based on the concept of asset finance which is the idea of liberating capital that is otherwise tied up in valuable but non-liquid assets.

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      Construction Finance

      Our partners make quick decisions to help your cashflow and facilitate the fulfilment of new and existing contracts. A dedicated team with years of experience in construction finance gives you a comprehensive advisory service and optional asset finance to fund plant and machinery

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      Flexible Project Funding

      Our service gives you the option of commercial loans, private direct investment, a mixture of both or the flexibility to switch between the two as the project progresses. All of this can be achieved with contingency planning within the investment and loan package.

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      Stellar capital is equipped to demonstrate the areas in which your operations can be improved to maximise value and profits.

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