Let our financial partners release the value tied up in your receivables and look after the management of your credit control.


    Here’s What You Get

    Easy fast-track access to short term finance
    The ability to trade or finance in over 65 currencies
    Reduced exposure to market fluctuations
    The security of third-party financial services
    Payment terms designed to match your trading cycle and credit terms
    Expert advice on cashflow management

    Suitable if You

    1. Are a start-up or you plan to scale up
    2. Have your eye on new markets
    3. Need upfront funding for the purchase of goods or services
    4. Plan to offer extended credit terms
    5. Are preparing a bid for a major new contract



    Cash flow

    Reliable cashflow increases your spending and investment power. Putting money into system upgrades, assets and new resources becomes easier. Your purchasing power with suppliers will grow and enable you to take advantage of discounts for volume buying and early payment.


    Service & support

    Whether you choose factoring or invoice discounting, when you work with Stellar Capital and our partners, you can shake off the burden of responsibility for credit control and other time-consuming admin. Give yourself the security of knowing that you enjoy the full service and support of financial experts.


    Invoice finance opens the door to a world of possibilities. Without the normal constraints that dictate the pace of your cash flow you can realise the value of your receivables and put the money back into your business. Instant funding means faster growth.





    Your customer places an order, you fulfil the order and you raise the normal invoice on your standard terms.


    You notify our partner that you have issued the invoice to your customer and provide them with the details, payment terms and the amount owing.


    The partner makes a payment to you which represents an advance on the invoice value as an agreed percentage of the total amount


    Depending on the agreement, either you or the partner collect the invoiced amount, the agreed fee is retained by the partner and the balance paid to you.


    1. You continue to trade normally, invoicing your customers and clients as usual and transferring all the invoice details to your contracted finance partner
    2. Your finance provider releases to you an agreed percentage of the invoice value, often within 48 hours
    3. In a factoring agreement, your provider takes over the job of collecting the debt or;
    4. In a discounting agreement, you retain responsibility for chasing payment
    5. Once the invoice is paid you receive the balance, less the agreed fees.



      Invoice financing is an extremely efficient method of optimising the value of your receivables but it is not the only one open to you.

      Trade Finance and Purchase Financing

      When you need to buy goods from suppliers who do not offer credit terms and demand payment upon shipping, Stellar Capital’s commercial finance partners allow you to order and receive goods by making the payment on your behalf. It also means you can take advantage of any early settlement discounts.

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      Asset Finance

      Investment in new plant or machinery can be substantial. Asset finance enables you to buy, rent or refinance significant assets without the up-front costs. Stellar Capital’s partners buy the equipment and supply it to you under a fixed term lease – extendable by mutual agreement – or as hire purchase agents, funding the purchase which you repay in instalments.

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      Stock Finance

      Tangible assets are another efficient source of funding, with money made available to you based on the independently assessed value of your stock and inventory. This adjunct to our invoice finance facility allows you to retain ownership while releasing working capital.

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      Stellar capital is equipped to demonstrate the areas in which your operations can be improved to maximise value and profits.

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